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Travel insurance

If you travel abroad you need travel insurance, no matter where you are going or how long you will be there.

Where do you want to go?

Information on your destination country’s safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, health conditions and other important travel issues.

What can I bring on the plane?

Useful packing tools and tips to smooth your way through airport security onto the plane.

Health information

Information to reduce your risk and protect your against illness and accidents while abroad.

Canadian attractions, events & experiences

Explore Canada through its world-famous parks, historic sites, museums and events.

Register with us

Stay connected to Canada whenever you go.


US to Canada Border wait times

A regularly updated list of wait times at border ports of entry for drivers coming to Canada from the U.S.

Personal exemptions mini-guide

Popular items you can bring into Canada under your personal exemption based on the length of time you have been abroad.

What you can bring back to Canada

General guidelines on what you can and cannot bring into Canada when you return from abroad.


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